accent pocket cut-offs

I am super duper proud of how these turned out! It’s almost summer, and it’s getting warmer out there, (well warmer than usual in Florida!), and I’ve been getting into short-shorts lately. I wanted to make something more fun than just regular cut-offs, and accent patches are lovely! Here’s a quick how-to! Note: You don’t have to make shorts, you can do this with any pants, or even shirts with pockets!


a pair of shorts/jeans

needle and thread


fabric for patches

thread ripper (optional, but I always need one for things I’m sewing, just in case)

So I started with a pair of jeans that I didn’t like anymore, because they were bootcuts. I cut them into cut-offs, which is easy as putting them on, figuring out where you want them to end, and cutting. :)

You need to choose which fabic you want to use. I used the leftovers from a pair of tights that I cut into socks because the waist was too tight.

Now, I DON’T ADVISE USING TIGHTS! I only did it because I loved the pattern on them and was willing to take a chance. Tights don’t hold up well in the wash/dryer, so unless you intend to hand wash and air dry your shorts all the time, you should probably use a sturdier fabric. (FYI, I washed these in the washer inside a pillowcase, and did the same for drying. They came out fine, just a little fuzzy on the tight area. So it worked out for me. :)

Pick a thread to use. I’m using a pretty bright blue for a nice contrast. I recommend sewing at the top first, folding over the edge of the fabric and sewing along the top of the pocket with a basic stitch. Then each side, and then the bottom. It’s easier to work with the fabric, and easier to keep it all aligned.

And that’s about it! I refuse to model them for you all and show my butt, so here’s the finished product!

I also decided to do the little front change pocket as an extra accent. Cute, no?

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or drop an email my way!

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  1. ji

     /  April 16, 2012

    ahhhhh kat these are so cute!! i looove the print, and now i wish i’d kept some of my old jeans so i could try this myself!

  2. omg these are adorable



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