altered thrifted blouse

I got this top for a dollar, (yes, a dollar), at a thrift store. It was a size 3X, but I just loved the cute print and bright color. I decided to take a stab at altering it to fit, even though my last attempt at altering a shirt went horrible. But this one was a success!

As you can see, it was a tad bit big on me.

It also had these really old, ugly buttons that I didn’t think fit the print at all. Plus, they had some questionable gunk behind them, blech.

I added these buttons, which are much better. But I still might change them later on, to something bigger.

So I realize my ‘after’ pics aren’t very great but the shirt really doesn’t translate well from far away in pictures. I promise it looks really cute in real life! ;) And I’m really pleased with it, I was quite afraid I was going to ruin it but the seams are fine and the hems are even and everything! Not bad for a dollar!

Edit: I looked it up out of curiosity and this Susan Graver shirt goes for $36 with $6 shipping online. Way to save forty-one bucks! :)

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