painted jeans

This was my first attempt at using handmade stencils and fabric paint to make something unique! I bought these paints at JC Penny for twenty bucks, and they were nice, and a darker green. But I wanted something a bit softer looking, so I decided to use some bleach to lighten their color. I made the mistake of not moving them around enough when I had them soaking, so they came out a little blotchy. But I decided why not cover up some of the blotches with flowers? Here’s a bit of a how-to on the process.


jeans/shirt/whatever you’re painting on


freezer paper

x-acto knife

an iron

fabric paint

brushes or sponges

First you need to pick your stencil. You can always buy some at craft stores, or you can make your own! All you have to do is pick an image and print it out onto freezer paper. I found this rose design here. You can google “free stencils” and find lots of great images!

Once you have one, just print it out on freezer paper onto the paper side, not the smooth side. You can find freezer paper at the grocery store, or Target or Wal-Mart. Make sure it’s freezer paper, not wax paper!

Next use your X-acto knife to cut out your image. Then lay the stencil flat onto your fabric, smooth side down. Iron it on so it sticks flat. Mine didn’t iron totally flat, I think because of the jean fabric, but that’s okay.

Pick your fabric paint. I used a nice green that went well with the pants color.


Make sure to keep your table clear of furry creatures. Tyler just had to be nosy.

This bit is optional, but if you have fabric paint markers you can make your design a bit more interesting by adding some contrasting lines here and there. You can even use regular fabric paint with a small brush!

I decided to add some vines and rosebuds on the side and the leg to bring the design together.

And that’s all! Let them dry for a day, and the paint I used said not to wash them for three days. I let the green rose dry for 24 hours before I went back and added the white vines. I’m pretty proud of them, it’s definitely something no one else has! :)

Now what to wear with them! :P

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  1. ji

     /  April 28, 2012

    whoa. these turned out amazing!! and i really love the shade of green you ended up with after bleaching the pants. so purdyyy



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