My name is Kat, I love coffee, animals, art, reading and staying up late. Eighty-Seven Fifty-Five is my place to post the pieces I create. I make jewelry, working with polymer clay, and I’m teaching myself to sew.

My favorite thing is to scour thrift stores or my own closet to take old things and refashion them into something new and different. I don’t believe in paying high prices to look nice. My style is full of bright colors, modern and odd pieces alike from kitschy to classic. Anything inspired by the 50’s/60’s & 80’s always rouses my interest. I’m not afraid to try ideas that might not work, to mix and match and clash colors, patterns and eras!

Most of what you’ll find here are the results of my following tutorials I find all over the place, and I’ll always link back so you can try it yourself. Soon I hope to have some original projects here for you all! I’m sure the occasional inspiration or fashion post will pop up too.

If you have any questions about me, the site, or anything artsy, email me @ kat.s5687@gmail.com.

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  • hello!

    Basically, I'm Kat, I love creative endeavors and coffee, animals and staying up very late. This is just a little spot to post the results of my crafting, sewing, and general attempts at making pretty things. More?

    Contact me @ kat.s5687@gmail.com.

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